Cheap Movers San Diego Company Consists of Imagination Movers!

This topic describes our movers work, moving checklist and what to expect during the moving day.

o (9)Our moving professionals with extensive experience always come up with a creative way to move your valuables in the most efficient and save manner. We know it is stress for you to move your valuable items. Therefore we strive to provide the best service in the moving industry. We guarantee a cheap price for the most outstanding moving service in San DIego, CA. 

Professional packing is a key to prevent any potential damage!

o (3)We train our moving professionals to pack your valuables in a right way. Heavy duty moving blanket will be wrapped around your furniture pieces and then shrink wrap plastic will hold the blanket in place to prevent any damage. The nice thing about this packing procedure is that it takes small amount of time but significantly reduce risk of damage during transportation, handling loading and unloading a truck. TV’s, computers, electronics and fragile objects receive an extra care from our moving professionals

Packing a truck in appropriate way means everything!

moving track packedOne of the most important procedures to prevent any damage to your valuables is packing a truck in a proper way. Our movers/packers professionals trained to pack a truck in appropriate way. Firstly we fill the back wall of the moving truck with all the boxes and wardrobe boxes this trick allows us to remove them from the way where it can interfere with enough passage for big and bulky items. Secondly we load bulky items such as couches, mattresses, wardrobes e. t. c. When there is a free space left in between those big furniture pieces we fill it up with small and non-cubical form objects. Finally we make sure all movable items stays in place by securing them with straps and security braces

We Provide Free Wardrobe Boxes!

o (2)Most moving companies fail to provide moving boxes for free or they charge fee for it. Cheap Movers San Diego will always supply you with fresh and clean moving wardrobe boxes. You can pack your closing in them by just placing items with the hangers onto the metal bar that each of those wardrobe boxes contain. Upon unloading procedure movers/packers will deliver wardrobe boxes right by the appropriate closet where you can unload your clean and undamaged apparel

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